I was impressed with the first copy I got, but what keeps me coming back is their reliability. I know that I’ll get good quality on time and zero excuses.

M.W. Henry

Web Developer

Creative and informative. They know what it takes to get your audience interested in a product.

E. Susman

Product Manager

Writing has never been easy for me. I hated writing essays in school, you know the grammar and spelling and I still do even though it’s part of my work. It’s wonderful to have reliable people just take care of all that for me.

N. Hendricks

Financial Consultant

“…and no need to micro-manage these people. If they have a question, they ask. I just give them a job and forget about it.”

H. Childress


I tried this group out after reading about how writing content is not as easy at it seems. I started small and I was impressed with the comments I started to get from my readers. Now I know it’s worth the investment.

T. Orataki

Web Publisher

English is my second language so I sometimes get nervous when I have to write English. It is worth it to hire this team to make sure the important stuff is perfect. Gracias mis amigos.

L. Hernandez Perez


I asked for humor. Nobody can write humor, but they could. I’ve gotten some of my best material from them, but shhhh. Don’t let the other speakers know.

V. Davies

Public Speaker

My website got a lot of visits, but not many conversions. I tried the Content Crushers and ever since, my ratio of conversions to visits has been steadily increasing.

S.E. Doyle

Product Sales

I tried going offshore for better prices, but after delays and mistakes in grammar and spelling, I was doing the work myself anyway. Hiring the Content Crushers is a much better option.

F. Genova

Internet Marketer

It’s not just cramming a document with keywords anymore, but actual writing that gets people to engage. Our stats are up. These are writers for the post-keyword era.

L. D. Lauterstein

Site Administrator

Good quality, always meet deadlines. That’s all you want from a writer.

W. J. Jennings


I had trouble getting started on my Master’s thesis. I hired them to do some preliminary research to help me get going. They even formatted the footnotes! …smartest thing I ever did.

Name Withheld

Graduate Student